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    13 Questions That Eliminate Clutter and Create Clarity

    (thoughts taken from The Leadership Freak, December 30, 2014)

    January 1st is really just another day, and, in many ways, like any of the other days that 2015 will present, except lots of people will have slept in much later than they typically do and some may not feel quite as well as they typically do.  Like the other days of the year, the sun will rise and the sun will sit, making January 1 no different than, say, February 9th.  However, what makes January 1st truly unique is how we think about that day: many people use the day to reflect upon life, release disappointments and embrace aspirations.  

    The author of The Leadership Freak states that “remarkable success requires staring again and again…”  He encourages his readers to practice what he calls “uncluttered leadership”.  He defines uncluttered leadership as:

    1. Practice New Year’s everyday

    2. Establish a structured time to process your day, everyday.  The operative word is “structured”.  Don’t just randomly mull things over.

    3. Establish a system that allows you to cross a line - everyday - where you reflect, let go and start again.

    He says, “Unexamined life collects clutter.  Baggage expands.  Confusion prevails.”

    He concludes by presenting these 13 questions to eliminate clutter and create clarity:

    1. How did my life reflect what’s important to me?

    2. What distracted me from things that matter most?

    3. What did I try to accomplish today?

    4. What actually got accomplished?

    5. What am I proud of?

    6. What did I learn about myself and others?

    7. How did I bring out the best in others?

    8. Who did I affirm, reward, honor, or recognize?

    9. What did I do to sabotage my fulfillment, progress or success?

    10. What will I NOT do tomorrow?

    11. What behavior would I like to see more of in myself?

    12. What will I let go?

    13. How will I start fresh with people and projects tomorrow?

    He says that we should reflect upon these questions daily in order to treat every day as New Year’s in order to bring out the best in us.

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