Southern Boone County R-I Primary School Mission Statement


    “One Team, One Goal, Student Success!”


    Southern Boone County R-I Primary School Vision Statements


    ·        Our instruction will be differentiated and lead to the success of the whole student.


    ·        Our child-centered environment will be safe and positive to support student learning, growth, and development.


    ·        Our staff will create a supportive environment that promotes collaboration, reflection, and ongoing professional growth with a unified focus on student success.


    ·        Our school will engage the community to work together and share the responsibility of educating students through effective means of communication and engagement.

    Collaborative Commitments 
    • We will provide extra time, modify, and/or offer individual support for students in need.
    • We will commit to using formal and/or informal assessments to guide instruction and provide specific feedback.

    • We will keep our interactions positive and share student behavior plans with necessary instructional staff.

    • We will consistently use PBS language to foster a culture of acceptance and leadership, holding our students accountable while celebrating student success.

    • We will support student learning by sharing strategies and ideas to benefit all students.

    • We will have a growth mindset and professional respect by being intentional learners.

    • We will use a variety of communication tools to communicate with parents and stakeholders of celebrations, curriculum, growth opportunities, and how they can support our students.