Southern Boone County High School

     Location Scholarship Directions


    Students need the following items to apply for local scholarships

     1)   Local Scholarship Booklet

     2)   Scholarship Cover Sheet

     3)   High School Transcript

     4)   Applications


    All of these necessary items listed above (except the transcript) can be downloaded from this page. Transcripts must be picked up in the Guidance Office.


    Standard Application


    Bob Alderson Scholarship sponosored by Boone Electric Community Trust Scholarship



    Cedar Valley Riders Saddle Club

      PDF (no edit)      Excel (can type on form)

    SoBoCo Elementary Jeans Fund Scholarship

    PDF (no edit)      Excel (can type on form)

    SoBoCo The Red & Black Shack Scholarship
             PDF (no edit)          Word (can type on form)
    Southern Boone Area YMCA Scholarship Application
             PDF (no edit)          Exel (can type on form)
    Loy Crump Martin Scholarship

    This application is available in the Guidance Office



    Directions for submitting applications:


     1)  Download and complete desired scholarship applications


     2)  Make appropriate number of copies of transcript and/or standard application

    • Photocopying is not available through the Guidance or Main Office


    3)   Attach transcript and biographical sketch to each scholarship

    • A biographical sketch is your opportunity to tell the scholarship committee who you are, your future plans and why they should award you their scholarship 


     4)  Complete ONE Scholarship Cover Sheet, marking each of the scholarships you are submitting


    5)   Turn in Scholarship Cover Sheet and all applications to the Guidance Office BY 3:30 p.m. FEBRUARY 19, 2019


    Call or email Misty Douglass or Marilyn White with any questions, (573) 657-3218.