Southern Boone County High School
    Monday, March 1, 2021
  • Students and Staff: Reminder, in order for our masks to be effective, we need to make sure our mouth and nose are covered!
    Remember to place your lunch order before 9:00 AM! 

    Congratulations, boys' wrestling!  The team competed at the sectional tournament where the top three would advance to the state tournament solidifying them as a top 12 (4 total sectionals across the state) wrestler in the state of MO in their respective weight and classification.  We took five wrestlers to the sectional tournament and advanced a school record five to the state tournament! 
    Kade Scheer 3rd 
    Charlie Uhrig 3rd 
    Konnor Turner 3rd 
    Hunter Jennings 3rd 
    Austin Skaggs 2nd 
    Congratulations to Konnor Turner and Austin Skaggs - both reached a career milestone of 100 wins at the sectional tournament!  Kade Scheer currently has 99 career wins!  
    Congratulations, boys' varsity basketball for defeating California 60 - 36 in the first round of the district tournament!  Good luck, girls' varsity basketball, tonight versus California at 7 PM.   
    Library Meetings:
    -- Manga Club - Monday, March 1st, Lab 9, 3:30 pm
    -- Epsilon Beta - Wednesday, March 3rd, Library, 7:30 am 
    Congratulations to the following  FBLA members that placed in district competition.
    Kristyn Schaller & Lauren Parker-1st place Hospitality Management
    Kristyn Schaller-2nd place Advertising
    Lauren Parker-3rd place Advertising
    Gavin Blackburn, Baden Glass & Dylan Hoyle-2nd place Sports & Entertainment Management
    Celissa Kennedy, Sidney Sapp & Jo Scheer-3rd place Entrepreneurship
    Ethan Osbourne, Nik Post & Josh Pridemore -3rd place Marketing
    Kristyn Schaller & Lauren Parker will be attending the state competition in April for both Hospitality Management & Advertising!
    Congratulations to the following students for being named Softball Academic All-State: Zoey DeHaas, Emilee DeHaas, Victoria Endsley, Paige Cruzan, Brynna Barnum, and Lindie Pauley!  The team earned a cumulative GPA of 3.58!
    Students, the Ashland community pool will be conducting interviews for lifeguards in March 2021 (probably March 18-20) and all interested parties need to obtain an application from the HS office, complete it and return it to the HS office OR scan it to the pool email address:  pool.soboco@gmail.com.  The deadline for submitting your application is Monday, March 15, 2021.  We do require CPR and Lifeguard certification prior to the pool opening.  No exceptions.  The training is available thru Red Cross, Star Guard (Columbia Park & Rec) or JC Park & Rec.  Some guards have attended classes in Boonville, MO as well.  Red Cross certification is valid for 2 years, whereas Star Guard's certification is valid for 1 year.  
    Seniors - while the deadline has passed for local scholarships, you should continue to check the Counseling Department website. There are new scholarships being posted there frequently.
    The girls wrestling team competed in our sectional tournament over the weekend. Noelle Schweitzer and Callie Bergthold lost in the match that would send them to the state tournament. Lilly Seward and Josey Uhrig were one match short of qualifying. Addyson Pasley is Southern Boone’s FIRST EVER girl state qualifier- this means she is one of the 12 best female wrestlers in the state of Missouri in her weight class.  Good luck, Addyson, at State!  Congratulations to the entire girls' wrestling team on a successful season, earning two plaques and finishing in second place at districts!
    Courtwarming Posters have been voted on! Before announcing the winners, thank you everyone who came together to work on posters despite the weather and shortened time. It is amazing to have this much participation and four class posters with the week we had last week.  That's amazing and everyone involved deserves credit for their effort. The winning poster belongs to the junior class! Second place, sophomores. Third place, seniors. Fourth place, freshmen.  Thank you to everyone for helping make our one-day courtwarming a success!  Congratulations to Avery Pickett and Ethan Esry for being voted for Courtwarming Queen and King.
    Students and staff, the next edition of SBC today is published! Check out the latest stories featuring a review of 2021, The Office, and even TikTok! You can find SBC Today by going to the high school website! While you're there, check out the editorial page where you can write a letter to Dear Edward the Eagle and see your dubious response in an upcoming edition of SBC Today!
    If we get 100+ lunch orders five days in a row, the kitchen staff will offer free rice krispie treats the following week. Please place your lunch order each day! 
    Reminder that Fellowship of Christian Athletes meets every Friday morning at 7:00 AM.  See Ms. Gatson, Lauren Parker or Xander Zimmerman for more details. 
    Reminder to all students who leave school early for a school-sponsored event: If the early dismissal of your event will cause you to miss any classes, please remember to check in with those teachers to see what work you will miss. 
    Class Officer Election Results:
    Freshman President: Jessica John
    Freshman Vice President: Landon Rehg
    Freshman Representatives: Zoe Anderson Clark, Megan Riggs
    Sophomore President: Connor Burns
    Sophomore Vice President: Charlie Lewis
    Sophomore Class Representatives: Elizabeth Hess, Zabeth Bolte
    Junior President: Anin McLeod
    Junior Vice President: Tate John
    Junior Class Representatives: Gavin Blackburn, Lauren Parker
    Senior President: Konnor Turner
    Senior Vice President: Josh Pridemore
    Senior Class Representatives: Kat Wiesner, Ezra Ortbals