High School Expansion

April 2024 $11.6 Million No Tax Rate Increase Bond Issue

High School Expansion Construction Project

Thank you to voters in the Southern Boone County R-I School District for approving the $11.6 million no tax rate increase bond issue for the high school expansion construction project during the April 2nd, 2024 election.

As our community continues to grow, so does our student enrollment. The Southern Boone School District is looking to the future with plans to make improvements, repairs and upgrades to the high school campus.

The expansion of the district's current high school has become an important need due to the increasing student enrollment and the school district’s commitment to providing the best possible learning environment for our students. This expansion construction project would include a new vocational and agriculture department wing, along with additional classrooms, parking lot improvements and needed roof repairs at the high school.

$11.6 Million No Tax Rate Increase Bond Issue

  • New Vo-Ag Wing: A state-of-the-art vocational and agriculture department to include two classrooms, lab space and a shop that will enhance hands-on learning opportunities for students interested in agriculture and vocational fields.

  • Additional Classrooms: Construction of two new art classrooms and a new family and consumer science classroom, which will help accommodate the growing student population and ensure optimal learning environments.

  • Roof Repairs at the High School: Replace the roof of the original 1991 high school building to ensure a secure and conducive learning environment.

  • Parking Lot Improvements: A new parking lot and drive east and north of the high school building that will enhance safety, accessibility, and overall convenience for students, staff, and visitors.

The funds from the bond issue will help the high school provide an improved and safer educational space by having all classes connected directly to the high school. The additional classroom space will assist with accommodating the larger class sizes currently in the middle school.

Project Timeline

  • Voters approved the bond issue during the April 2nd, 2024 election

  • Work at the high school will begin this summer with remodeling two sets of restrooms and other cosmetic improvements and repairs being made inside the building.

  • Design and engineering for the construction project will take place from April to November 2024.

  • Bidding for the project will be in early 2025.

  • Construction will take place from Spring 2025 to Summer/Fall 2026.

Looking Ahead

The school district's long-range plan includes a potential $15 million no-tax rate increase bond issue in April 2027 for a performing arts center at the high school, along with additional improvements, upgrades and repairs to the current high school building.

Architectural renderings are courtesy of PWArchitects, Inc.

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