Continuous School Improvement Plan

The Southern Boone County R-I School District's Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP) is a five-year strategic plan that provides a framework through which the school district will support the schools in ensuring the academic success of each student. Strategic planning is a requirement for evaluation as dictated by the Missouri School Improvement Process (MSIP). The district’s CSIP is a vital part of the evaluation process and is the driving document that links the vision, mission, beliefs and goals set forth by the district. Although the CSIP undergoes a comprehensive review on a five-year cycle, the plan is reviewed and progress is evaluated annually. If new information indicates mid-cycle revisions are necessary, revisions will be incorporated into the current plan.

This strategic plan is founded on thoughtful input from stakeholders including parents, students, community members, board of education representatives, dedicated education professionals and a partnership with FiredUp Consulting Group, all of whom share our common mission to empower students through caring relationships, academic excellence, and community partnerships. The CSIP will guide the building committees in the development of their annual building improvement plans and by school administration in the development of the operating budget and capital improvement needs. This document will be a living guide that will set a direction for changing and energizing the course of learning in the Southern Boone School District.