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For general questions concerning enrollment, email Missy Kirmse at or call central office at 573-657-2147.

Residency Requirements
The Southern Boone County R-1 School District was established to serve the children residing within the boundaries of the school district.  Missouri law (Subsection 2 in section 167.020 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri) states that a child is entitled to attend school where the child resides and is domiciled and that "the domicile of the minor child shall be the domicile of the parent or court-appointed legal guardian..."

How is residency in the school district determined?
Whoever is registering a student under the age of 18 must demonstrate that the student lives in the district and is domiciled there.  The domicile of the student shall be that of the student's parent court-appointed legal guardian or military guardian pursuant to a military guardianship.  A letter granting power of attorney is not the same as a legal guardianship determined by the court.  Schools typically require proof of residency at the time of enrollment but may request proof at any time.

Proof of residency may come in a number of forms.  The district may ask the registrant to sign a statement or affidavit relating to residency, produce a lease or rent receipts or utility bills, or ask for a copy of an occupancy permit, where appropriate.

There are occasions where a person may wish to register a child who resides in the district but who is not living with a parent, military guardian, or court-appointed legal guardian.  Such persons may request a waiver of proof of residency at the time of registration.  The board of education must officially decide whether or not to grant an individual waiver.  Waivers apply for the current school year only and must be requested again annually as circumstances may change.

What happens if the district finds out that a registration or signed statement or affidavit of residence contains false information?
Anyone who knowingly falsified a statement of residence is guilty of a class A misdemeanor. The district can require the child to leave the school and may file a civil action for the purposes of recovering the costs of school attendance.